Trizzella Picture Book update

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As everyone who is following Trizzella know, we are a two person artistic team. I am the creator and writer of Trizzella and Aaron does all the illustrations, coloring and animations – All by himself! with a sketchpad,  Wacom and in Flash! He is indeed very talented. We believe in our character and want to share her with all the world. Last year for 8 weeks we launched online interactive web cartoons, and we always did a 5 minute musical of her in a Circus that was nominated for best visuals at the Asheville film festival. We took the cartoons down in order to work on the picture book and the Story Book without conflict and distraction but now…The Picture Book is finished! and we will begin submitting to several Agents February 1, 2014.
We are hoping to find a Agent who will be emotionally affected and want to have a forever business relationship with her and us, as we move forward in the process of taking her into several avenues, including ebooks, Chapter Books, and APPs for children. Aaron is currently working on putting the animations we did last year into Apps for children due to the overwhelming request from parents, teens and children.



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