Where is God in all of this?

No matter what God you believe in , if you do believe in a God than you probably believe that God created humans. I am 100 percent sure, your God does not want you killing his creations for any reason, and especially not in his name. To Murder another human is the ultimate rejection of God, and to murder a child will earn you a trip to what ever version of Hell you believe in. An interesting fact is if you look at the global peace index, nations that have a higher percentage of people who follow Christian and Islamic Beliefs are the least peaceful and most war-like, while countries that have a higher percentage of Agnostic and Atheists are the most peaceful. And while I have noticed that MOST Atheists certainly are not quite about the fact that they think anyone who believes in God is a moron. I do not think I have ever seen a bombing or shooting of a doctor in the name of atheism. I also do not see atheists trying to dictate the lives of gay people because of things they believe in a book. And just in case anyone is wondering. I am NOT an Atheist, I try and just look for truth, and all I want for this planet is acceptance, and peace. Is that to much to ask after thousands of years of killing each other?


If you must pick a side please, pick the side of peace.

It does not matter who you think is right or who you think is wrong. There is no good or right side in a war. There is no good enough reason to ever kill another human being, and certainly never a reason to kill children, or to classify the death of Innocent civilians as “Acceptable casualties.” The media tells you what they want you to believe, the Media is a weapon of mass distraction that is controlled by the stock market. Humans are not inherently evil, People do not instinctively want to kill other people. Soldiers on both sides of any conflict are brainwashed and fed propaganda. Years after a war is over if you ask any soldier on either side of the war they fought in if they feel like they did the right thing, 99 out of 100 of them will say NO. Armies are controlled by governments, and governments (just like your favorite news station) are controlled by the stock market.

The only side worth taking in any war is the side of peace. Scary to think in a world made up of billions of humans, only about 1,000 have any real power, and these people are essentially the only truly evil that exists on this planet, they just turn others to their cause with power and manipulation , so they can get even richer, these people have no regard for any human life other than their own.

I am not stupid enough to believe every single person that is not part of the people in control are angels, But honestly I think most people really have good hearts. I also think there are a lot of reasons why people go bad, the invisible class system that still exists, poverty, desperation, sexual abuse, and religious and sexual persecution all affect peoples development. It’s amazing what a person is willing to do to feed their children, or protect what little they already have. This global poverty, destruction, and desperation I do blame on those in power.

I have trouble understanding the US opinion on the Gaza / Israel war. The US news is showing the Israel / Gaza situation so 1 sided, and the American people are eating it up. John Kerry makes a huge humanitarian plea, and Americans are slandering him? Are you kidding me? After all this time people still believe what they see on the news, and what other people tell them to believe. Do your research, and form an opinion based on your own findings, do not let a new anchor give you your opinion for you.

The truth is Israel has broken UN regulations more times than Iraq did under the rule of Saddam Hussein. Israel forces military service on all their citizens, they openly admit to war crimes and torture.

Gazan children are being killed playing soccer on the beach, and the US is just watching it happen, because for some reason it’s okay for Israel to do the same things Iraq did. it just makes me sick, violence,war,death, hate. It’s so sad to see Humanity still resorting to killing children over invisible lines on the ground, Money, and religion. Now I am not saying I think we should get involved , I do not think you can fight violence with violence. But it is interesting that the US is just watching this happen. I know this post wont change anything, or make people care. And I am not taking sides in this either, but Dammit! I wish people would just stop hurting each other and live in peace. Humans are capable of so much more than this.

Exposure for my art and free drinks does not feed my children

—Update my add was deleted from Craigslist because of its content only 8 hours after it was posted,  In those 8 hours I got 2 somewhat well written non offensive responses,  1 telling telling me how Evil of a person I am, and about 5 telling me to “F-Off” I posted the 2  that I feel are appropriate for all readers in my Comments section.

8 Hours and it was deleted…yet dozen of adds asking for free art and music still exist.—  The link below no longer works but I wanted to preserve the original post so below this screenshot of the original add, is the original post I made on WordPress earlier today.


Does this add seem ridiculous to you?   http://asheville.craigslist.org/fbh/4576234223.html  Now read it again but reverse the position and services of the 2 main parties involved in this add. Does it seem as ridiculous?

(in the event the add is deleted and the link stops functioning, I have posted a screen shot of the add on the bottom of this post)

My CL add will run for 30 days. With several other adds in different places in an attempt to raise awareness for the value of art, music, and literature. You should not have to be Dead, Katy Perry, or on the  New York Times best seller list to make a living as an artist.

Exposure for my art and free drinks does not feed my children

I will post the unedited replies to this add as they come in in the Comments section as myself, for as long as the add is active.

It is very common to see adds just like these almost anyplace in the country, and somehow people are conditioned to think this is acceptable.


A great opportunity for artists!
We need a talented artist with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign skills.  We require a Logo for our sign and front end apparel. We also need a 4 page menu and wine list.  This is an open competition to all artists interested, we will use the best work submitted.

Compensation: Great exposure, eat for free.

Live musicians needed

Looking for talented local band to play 15 song set list.  We will require you to perform at 8 pm and again at 11 pm.  If interested please contact me to set up an audition.

Compensation: Get exposure for your band!  Sell your CD’s before and after your performance.  Did we mention?   Free Drinks!




All we are saying…

Is give peace a chance.

Well maybe that is the problem right there, people who want peace are by nature not going to be aggressive, you can say it all you want, but the people who need this message are not listening. The problem is you can not fight for peace, you can’t force someone to be peaceful. You can not tell someone who has been hating someone else for so many decades to stop hating them, when they are so consumed by hatred they do not even know why they started hating them in the first place. So forcing peace on the world can never happen. But that does not mean Peace can never happen, it’s just going to take courage , far more courage then it takes to hate and destroy. People are going to have to start trusting again, and stop looking at human life as a statistic on a screen in a war room.

YES! Special interests groups do control the media, and they show every country a different story, none of which are true.

Every single time we go to war, every single time we are told by the media that American has to respond to the current “Evil Nation”. That nation is being told the same thing about us or about the nation they are in conflict with. If your an average American you have a sense of pride and patriotism, you believe that we are a righteous force protecting the world and bombing the bad guys. You believe in pick up trucks, shotguns, and country music and that somehow we are gods chosen people and we are always right in everything we do. Well I am here to tell you that you are wrong! a good part of the world sees us as warmongering , self obsessed, glutenous pigs, that will go to war with anyone that disagrees with us. So you see it’s a matter of perception, of media, and of government propaganda.

It is ignorant to think that once you cross some made up line on the earth , the people that live on the other side are so different than you that the only way to deal with them is to kill them.

Does it even matter where, why, or who? Isn’t it simply a violation of Humanity itself to kill for any reason? Your God does not want you killing, and even if you do not have a God, your soul , your heart, and the very essence of humanity and the universe itself does not want you killing either.

I have believed for some time now that there are 2 difference species of human beings on this planet. There is nothing about war and violence that seems Human to me at all, there is no part of me that wants to kill, or bomb, or rape. This might seem like a very negative post, but in fact from my perspective It seems the less evolved humans make up a very minor part of the Global Human Population, yet somehow they are the ones with the power. We are all one regardless of race, sex, and religious beliefs. I know more people that think this way then do not. So why are we still killing each other over things like invisible lines drawn in the ground, oil, and what or who we chose to worship? Because a handful of primitive humans consumed by power, lust, hatred, and greed are running the world? Well it is time to take the world back and reclaim and redefine what it means to be a Human. But how do we get started?

Hooray for Marvel

It’s about time we see some big name superheros portrayed by non white characters. No Spawn does not count… I am impressed Marvel had the guts to break out of what has become such an incredibly stale industry, and try something different.  The new Captain America being portrayed as a black man, and  the new Thor being portrayed by a  women that’s armor is not made by Victoria Secret is a huge step in the right direction in my opinion. It’s about time Comic Industry! Marvel you have my attention for the first time in over 2 decades.


OWMwNDExOGNjYiMvQjNBN19DNW9iWHZaR3h4eUUtNnNwVFgzT3RrPS82NXgwOjkwM3g1MjgvODQweDUzMC9zMy5hbWF6b25hd3MuY29tL3BvbGljeW1pYy1pbWFnZXMvMjVlNmY0MTY5Y2U3OTM0OWQ5YWJmYmU0OTQ3ZTM2MDAzNjZhZmI4MmRmNzE4NWU0ZDg3OWY0YjUyNTZlNGQzNy5qcGc=.jpg Marvel-Comics-New-Female-Thor-Woman-595x433

The Anti-Hipster Hipster Movement… Yeah it’s a thing.

The most feared of all Hipsters is  the growing number of anti-hipster Hipsters. Much like Hipsters Their entire life is carefully designed from the car they drive, to the clothes they wear, to the music, and movies they claim to enjoy. But while a traditional Hipster may actually enjoy these things, and get pleasure out of drinking a hand crafted 8 dollar beer. The Anti-Hipster Hipster often operates out of a place of negativity, and irritation with others happiness as well as pop culture trends.


Often anti-hipster Hipsters who are so consumed with non conformity, might actually force themselves to not enjoy something they actually enjoy,  if it is in conflict with their anti-Hipster life style. You can often spot an anti hipster Hipster drinking a Pabst Blue Ribbon at the local ghetto bar, moving into really bad neighborhoods, and drinking out of Mason Jars for no real reason.  They also love to slam Hipsters and make comments about fedora hats being lame, and how electric cars pollute just as much as a 1972 Pontiac do the coal consumption required to recharge the battery.   Be warned, the anti hipster Hipster has but 1 purpose, to do everything the exact opposite of current Hipster culture. Some take it even further by doing the exact opposite of everything and everyone around them. Often offering the exact opposite opinion and making a point to counter point everything everyone says , even other anti-hipster  Hipsters.  Be warned the anti-hipster Hipster is real, you should avoid them at all cost as they have a way of sucking the fun and joy out of everyone and everything around them. I mean come on,  who can honestly say they don’t like Harry Potter?    ~Cartoon Coming Soon  Enjoy your day.

Corazon of the Outer Banks :: A book review.

The Spanish meaning of the word Corazon is Heart.

Corazon of the Outer Banks is a heart warming story of friendship and courage and is exactly what you have come to expect from the amazing Storyteller Sandra Harvey.  Adding to the story with his incredibly detailed and expressive full color illustrations  is the amazing London artist Calum Jones.

Sandra Harvey has a way of creating incredibly organic, real, and original characters.  Ms. Harvey’s stories often break current publishing trends,  and this is just one of the things  that I personally love about her writing.    Her current switch from novels to Picture Books is really shaking up the picture book industry and making some very real and very important changes.  This book being the first I have seen with a main character that has an Hispanic heritage and is in no way being portrayed with any of the stereotypes of the Mexican culture.

So many authors fail when trying to create ethnically diverse characters by type casting them based on their race.  It has always been my opinion that a strong non white character would not be any different than a white one in the way they act and behave.  I do not believe that an African American child wants to read a children’s book about segregation  They want to be casting magic spells, saving the world, and going on adventures just like every other child does.

Corazon of the Outer Banks features the two main characters  Corazon and Jose.  Corazon is a wild horse that lives on the coast of North Carolina but does not feel or act like the other wild horses do.  Jose is a boy from Mexico who’s mother brings him on vacation to the Outer Banks for the summer.

On his last day of summer vacation a storm approaches and Jose does not come to see Corazon. The friendship and love that has been built between Corazon and Jose all summer long will test both of their courage, and change Corazon forever.

I love this story,  it’s appropriate for all ages and I think adults will love it just as much as children.  I myself – a 38 year old man cried when I read the last page.  Remarkable storytelling and remarkable art work.  I can see this book being picked up by Scholastic and being read in schools.

    {This section added 7-12-2014} Something I feel is worth mentioning. The organization WildHorseEducation.org contacted me through twitter after reading my review.  I was made aware by the Founder Laura Leigh that both Ms. Harvey and Mr. Jones  donate a sizable percentage of their own profits from each sale of this book.  This is a foundation set up to help save and stop the capture and slaughter of the American Wild Horse in the mid west.  Apparently this is not mentioned on the cover of the book or anyplace in the interior because they wish to keep the book 100% kid friendly. I think it is pretty awesome to see an author giving money to a worthy cause and not using that fact for self promotion.

Today I  requested an e-interview with Ms. Harvey, if she accepts I will transcribe it here on my blog.

Also earlier today The Spanish version was confirmed for release in September.



Corazon of the Outer Banks Cover

Once you go cold, you’ll never go hot again :: a simple guide to brewing cold coffee at home with things you already have in your kitchen.

Cold brewed coffee tastes so much better then traditional brewing.  It’s much less acidic then traditional brewing, and it also gives the coffee a naturally sweet taste.

I myself do not think  a drink with whip cream and caramel syrup from the local “Sixbucks” coffee house is really Coffee.  To me a good cup of coffee is made from organic freshly picked North Carolina beans, no sugar or cream added,  just rich dark flavorful coffee.  Even if you are a sugar / milk person.  You may just find you don’t need it when you start cold brewing.

Here is a very simple way you can Cold Brew coffee with items you probably already have in your own kitchen.

The photos speak for themselves,  but very briefly described.

Things you’ll need

1) re-usable basket style coffee filter with a handle

2) Grounds from your favorite coffee beans

3)  Pitcher

4) Long wooden, or plastic spoon.

Cold Brewing

Fill your coffee basket with the same ratio of coffee grounds you use when hot brewing. Use your long spoon to suspend the basket so that it hangs inside the pitcher.  Now slowly fill the pitcher with filtered water , let the water run over the coffee grounds to get them all saturated.  Stop the water flow just below the coffee grounds level in the basket.  Put the pitcher in the refrigerator. Now the hard part.  Wait at least 12 hours,  preferably 24.  Remove the pitcher from the fridge, lift the spoon straight up and off the top of the pitcher. Be careful that the filter slide off on it’s own – ask me how I know… Now slide the coffee basket off the end of the spoon and dispose of the coffee grounds ( I like to use mine in my compost).  Now get ready to have the best cup of coffee you have ever had.





Freedom for Raju :: A Tribute to Wildlife SOS of London :: Keep fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves.

Thank you Wildlife SOS of London. Your actions of kindness and vigilance show us the best in Humanity.

For every story of human cruelty there is a story of human compassion and love. Let those of us that believe in the good and evolution of humanity always try and focus on what humans are capable when they are at their very best. We need not focus on the Monstrosity of humanity.


Education is key to cultures that simply do not understand that animals have feelings, they have hearts, and dreams, and souls. Animals form deep bonds of friendship with humans and with other animals. Animals have just as much right to living a meaningful existence in this world as Humans do. I honestly believe the world can only change for the better when people start putting focus on good things. The saying “You can bomb the world to pieces, but you can’t bomb the world to peace” comes to mind.

Some of us are still a savage race that kills each other, we kills animals for sport, and we torture them for our amusement, and our consumption. While others do not even identify with these “Humans” as members of the same species. I believe someday in the not so distant future, a child will learn of this chapter in human history and it will be as foreign to humans of that child’s time. As burning people alive because they are suspected witches is to us in our time.

Here is to a better version of Humanity!

Who we are, and why we do it. A Tribute to Self Publishers.


(Transcribed from image)

Most of us do not Write or Draw to get rich.
We write and rewrite draw and redraw.
We question everything we do.
We persevere through all the hours,
frustrations, and hard work.
We know from the start our chances of getting an Agent or
being backed by one of this big Publishing Houses is
a long shot. While it is true we would all love
to able to make a living doing this.
Money is not what drives us.

Regardless of the thousands
of unpaid hours it takes us
to create our worlds. We keep working,
and we do this because it means something to us,
and even more we hope that it will somehow mean something
to someone else. We want to share our hopes
our dreams, our fears, our adventures,
and our hearts with everyone we can.
With hopes to inspire, to entertain,
to scare, or to touch someones heart, just from a page.

This is why I draw Trizzella. This is why I will continue to
work on projects and support projects I believe in.

Self Publishing opens the world to our creations
and our visions, unedited, and as we the creators see them.


Just 10 days after  Trizzella’s Bedtime Picture Book
was published through Createspace. The sales
started coming in. As shocked as I was to see sales
this quickly.   I realized that the sales did not matter
as much to me as I thought they would.   
It was the families, the children, and the readers 
that took the time to send us personal emails,
pictures, and thank you notes.

Now it is my turn to say THANK YOU.
THANK YOU so much to all our readers.
THANK YOU to Createspace and all
Indie Publishing Platforms.
THANK YOU to all the amazing writers, and artists
that create the books and comic books,
We love to read that enrich our everday lives. 
More Trizzella is on the way.


“Claiming Self Published literary work is subpar
is like claiming everything traditionally published is a best seller”.

-Aaron Winterhalter