Where is God in all of this?

No matter what God you believe in , if you do believe in a God than you probably believe that God created humans. I am 100 percent sure, your God does not want you killing his creations for any reason, and especially not in his name. To Murder another human is the ultimate rejection of God, and to murder a child will earn you a trip to what ever version of Hell you believe in. An interesting fact is if you look at the global peace index, nations that have a higher percentage of people who follow Christian and Islamic Beliefs are the least peaceful and most war-like, while countries that have a higher percentage of Agnostic and Atheists are the most peaceful. And while I have noticed that MOST Atheists certainly are not quite about the fact that they think anyone who believes in God is a moron. I do not think I have ever seen a bombing or shooting of a doctor in the name of atheism. I also do not see atheists trying to dictate the lives of gay people because of things they believe in a book. And just in case anyone is wondering. I am NOT an Atheist, I try and just look for truth, and all I want for this planet is acceptance, and peace. Is that to much to ask after thousands of years of killing each other?

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