Sometimes even the strongest people need a little help. Help Save Duke #SaveDuke

I created this campaign for my father : Richard Winterhalter, in hopes to help save the life of his best friend Duke.

Let me tell you a little about my father. He was born in the New York countryside and the oldest of 8 siblings. By the age of 14 he was already working after school in the families machine shop. After completing high school at the age of 17 he enlisted in the US army and served for 4 years.


He met my mother and they moved out to CA where my father completed his masters degree in Business and Computers from Sacramento State University. He and my mother raised me and my sister in Northern Ca on ranch in the country. This meant my Dad had to drive an hour to work each day, but he and my mother wanted to raise my sister and I in the country , in peace, with lots of animals and adventures. My sister and I still talk about how great our childhoods were to this day.I have never known my father to ever once ask anyone for anything, I have never known him to not have a job, I have never heard him make an excuse. I have only witness my father getting up every day, and working hard for the people he loves. My father who is now in his 70’s still goes to work everyday. Through the years I have watched my Dad give away a good portion of his money to those in need. To help someone put a new roof on their home, to help someone with a medical bill, to help someone with a down payment on a house, to help someone get their teeth fixed, to send a young boy to UCLA. He has always been very generous and kind to everyone he meets ; not just his family, but everyone.The last 12 years of my Dads life has mainly been just him and his dog Duke. My mother is no longer alive,  and he has already lost one of his other dogs, my sister and I live on the other side of the country and do not often get a chance to visit.

So who is Duke? well…Duke is my fathers best friend – a 12 year old golden retriever that has been  through a lot with my Dad in the last 12 years.

Duke was recently diagnosed with bone cancer. There is a treatment, but it is expensive, and the years of my father’s generous and giving nature has left him in need of assistance to Help Save Duke. My sister and I are assisting as much as we can, but as I said these treatments are not cheap, and my father has to drive 2 hours each direction to and from Cornell New York a few times a week.

Dukes first treatment begins this week, to continue these treatments I am humbly turning to group funding and asking you to help save the life of my Fathers best friend. Thank You.

I will post regular updates on Dukes Progress here as well as on facebook, google, and twitter. My Father, our family, and most of all Duke  thanks you for even the smallest contribution.  If you can’t contribute please share… Thank You.