A simple way that you probably never thought of to Reduce your risk of Heart problems, cancer, and stroke.

Want to reduced your chance of heart attack , cancer, and stroke by a very significant percentage?  As a regular blood donor for the last 7 years, I am still amazed when I speak to the phlebotomists at the red cross when they tell me how few people actually donate. Maybe people do not donate because the lives you would be saving are faceless and anonymous. Maybe because it hurts a little, or maybe because you think you just don’t have time.  If a sick girl came up to you on the street and asked you to donate blood to her to save her life, I am willing to bet there are very very few people that would not.  But if you need a more personal reason to donate other than helping to save lives.  Read this article.  Because a needle prick and  few hours out of your day every 2 months is a lot less painful, and a lot less time consuming than the amount of time and pain a lot of the diseases that donating blood directly works to combat.