Aaron R Winterhalter
Asheville, North Carolina

Bio: I am an organic farmer , homestreader, and conservationist. I live on a full self sustained 5 acre mini farm in Northern CA. I love Cooking, Food, Music, Books, Movies, Games, Gardening, and spending time outdoors walking in the forests and swimming in the ocean, I love animals and nature. I animate a flash cartoon, called Trizzella I also write music that you can listen to here I am an advocate for fair pay for artists, authors, and musicians. I truly believe that Violence, hate, racism, sexism, are all products of desperation and ignorance created by greed, capitalism, and religion. These things and the need to acquire more, or make people believe what they believe make people lose touch with their humanity. I believe in the future, and in the potential of mankind. While I love technology and computers I spend as little time using technology as possible, looking at it as a tool more than a way of life. When I want to dig a hole i get a shovel, but I when I am done digging the hole, I put the shovel in the shed, I do not carry it around with me. Trizzella Cartoon http://www.trizzella.com My Music https://soundcloud.com/aaron-winterhalter/crazy-r-b-remix

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