The road to the perfect Chef Coat.

Born and raised in southern California. Orange County / Los Angeles based Fashion Designer Sandra Harvey has always had a love, respect,and deep appreciation of chefs, fine restaurants, and quirky little bistros. Sandra grew up around restauranteurs playing in kitchens, and learning to cook from her Mother.   Sandra will tell you many of her favorite conversations and memories have been over meals with friends, family, and clients. Sandra’s sister made a career as a chef in La Jolla California where her restaurant still operates today.

Sandra is a well traveled and educated women with over 20 years of design experience. She is best know for her amazing detail, her sexy yet non revealing way she cuts, and her  magical ability to craft and weave some of the finest suits and separates Women’s fashion has ever seen.  She does not design exclusively for women, yet that is the area she puts most of her focus.

Sandra Harvey fitting Lorena Cortez Photo©SGSéguret5

In the 90’s Sandra was featured on MTV’s house of style hosted by Cindy Crawford , and she has been Designing for and dressing some of the worlds notable musicians since the 90’s. Always sweet, approachable, and genuine. Sandra is a fierce humanitarian, an eternal optimist, and the most real, unchanged, dedicated, and driven person I have ever had the chance to know.

Sandra Harvey 1990’s Commercial

In 2005 Sandra took a break from designing and removed herself from the Los Angeles scene when her husband and also the father of her 2 young boys was killed when hit by a drunk driver.  Sandra had always been a dedicated, loving, and great mother.  With the loss of her husband she needed to switch focus and put 100 percent of herself into helping her children through this difficult time , and create a fun world for them to grow up in.

One afternoon the words of her late husband came to her, as clear as if he was standing next to her.  The feeling of warm hand on her shoulder and the words “Take my boys to my home” filled the room, echoed in her ears, and stuck in her mind for days.

As a little girl Sandra’s father used to take her to Arkansas every summer. He would tell her about the south, about ghosts and banshees, and swamps. He would show her how to catch fireflys and appreciate nature and the unique peace and magic that is found in the more quite and still parts of the world.  Sandra has always been connected to the South in one  way or another. Her late husband and his entire family were originally from North Carolina.

Despite what people were telling her during this dark time in her life, leaving everything and starting over in North Carolina just made sense to her. She knew this was where she needed to raise her children, and she felt guided to North Carolina from her husbands words that she heard from beyond the grave.  She just somehow knew deep down that this was a place where they could all heal. Leaving her entire life , her friends, her family, her business, and her beautiful Laguna Beach home. Sandra packed up her 2 boys, their cat, and a few of her most precious things and move to the small mountain town of Asheville, North Carolina.  Now this was way before Asheville was a destination, and before it was known for its fine dining and foodie culture.

The Culinary Girl Short Film 2014 Asheville NC

Sandra and her boys spent their first few years in Asheville just trying to adjust to having lost her Husband and the boys father. They would spend summers on the river, take trips out to Charleston and Savannah to visit the ocean. She also got a family dog, and  built a very wonderful organic garden for all of them to work in. It was during this time is when Sandra started becoming interested in the Culinary world.

Soon the town of Asheville started to grow and quality restaurants sprung up all over downtown, there were new 4 and 5 star chefs moving in every month. Sandra soon made friends with many of these chefs and restaurant owners.  Still not ready to go back to designing, Sandra became fascinated with the passion, and dedication and the almost militant type discipline she witnessed from many of chefs and restaurant owners.  Sandra wanted to understand this first hand.  So… She enrolled in the Culinary Program at AB – Tech.  Studying both Culinary, and Baking Science at the same time. Sandra quickly became immersed in the Culinary world.

Some of Sandra’s Clients.

Untitled-4  Untitled-1  cd  dr


Over the 2 years of her formal education, Sandra has worked over 1500 hours volunteering in various restaurants, performing demos, doing food prep and service for many different events. Some of which include: the Seasonal School of Culinary Arts, the Asheville Wine and Food Festival, Star Chefs new york , the IACP, and countless other events.   She never backed away from the hard work, the cleaning, or any of the more difficult duties of a culinary student. All while being a very active and fun Mother to her boys that were quickly turning into young men.

Spending day after day in school Sandra would hear the girls talk about how their uniforms were stiff and unflattering, and the men would often mention how hot and uncomfortable they would get in their uniforms.  Sandra spent two years in those uniforms herself so she knew first hand. For Sandra her biggest issue was with the baggy sleeves that don’t stay rolled up, and the stiff non flexible materials.

These were clearly uniforms, these were not made by a designer or a person who had done a hard days work in a professional kitchen.  They were not made with any real understanding of what the title chef means to those who work so hard to earn it,  or to those who spend hours laboring in the kitchen as cooks.  As Sandra would go to school and work in the kitchen and stage in various restaurants the design started to appear in her minds eye.   The real challenge was to make something highly functional, yet fashionable, and at the same time pay tribute and respect to the men and women who spend their lives working in kitchen. To give them a coat they could not only work in, but show pride in.  It would be another 2 years of diligence, dedication, and overcoming many set backs to finally see her dream realized.


In school, Sandra earned the respect and admiration of her instructors, her fellow students, and many of the countries top chefs. She was featured in the AB Tech course catalog as an Entrepreneur of the Culinary Industry. Her coats appeared on Good Morning America, and were featured by Martha Stewart Made in America. She has had numerous publications, articles, and radio spots all singing her praises. But Sandra measures her success by what her clients say. Sandra still takes the time to personally write and call each of her clients. She has built her company on hard work and there was never a doubt that her product would be American Made. Even when keeping her product made in America caused her numerous set backs in production, she never wavered and even helped bring sewing jobs to North Carolina by doing so. She personally oversees and runs her company with old fashioned American values where customer service and her strong connection to her customers is the most important thing to her. She currently has a client list of executive chefs, cooks, bakers, caterers, and other culinary professionals from every continent,  and she keeps in contact with all of them personally.

 Original concept sketches done in between classes and labs while attending AB Tech.

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~ From concept to reality ~

Sandra Harvey Women’s Brigade style in White


The SHD culinary line by Sandra Harvey was born from a combination years of formal education, research, hands on kitchen experience, and design knowledge. She often says the Original SHD Brigade coat was Inspired by Georges Auguste Escoffier.  The original SHD Chef Coat is a brigade design, hand cut, hand sewn,and 100 percent American made from the finest fabrics on earth. The coat is Light weight, it moves and works with you, the sleeves stay in place when pushed up,  the coat is cut and designed only the way someone with over 20 years of design experience can. Yet it is durable and functions under real conditions in a way only someone with real working culinary experience could design. This coat is the marriage of a master designer, and a chef created by a Woman who truly loves both worlds.   Every last detail is perfect.  The women’s feature hidden side pockets, a high collar, elegant cuffs, over sized high quality 1 inch buttons, and can be worn both open and buttoned. Sandra also takes custom orders , and has an amazing Men’s line featuring shoulder epaulettes.


Designer Sandra Harvey

 Fitted_Chef_Coat_by_Sandra_Harvey16 Collection 295192_216654218463617_1254197247_n

Still based in Asheville North Carolina, Sandra is now in her 4th year of production. This year the AB Tech Culinary team will all be dressed in SHD as they enter the Nationals. SHD will also have a booth just off the main event stage at this years National Restaurant Association event in Chicago from May the 16 – 19th 2015. At this even she will unveil her newest chef coat and chef pants.

The last thing I will say about Sandra is that she refuses to compromise quality, she is a patriot, she is a humanitarian, and she has a flawless reputation for always paying her employees, models, and photographers very well. She is Loved by all who know her.

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Company Sayings and Slogans

“How does your chef coat fit you?”

“Elegance reigns in the kitchen”

“A beautiful presentation starts on your way to work”

“Wear something the boys can’t”

“Chefs do it with knives and torches”



Company Logo  : Sandra Harvey underlined with Sewing Needle


Company Mascot  : Chef Trizzella Pin Up


Company Mascot  : Chef Trizzella Cartoon


Crossed Knives  Asheville NC


 Behind the Scenes of Culinary Girl Short Film

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 From SHD Shop.

Our ‘Original Slender fit SHD chef Jacket’
designed and cut in the traditional Brigade style, using soft luxurious fabrics.
Elegant stand up collar is cut to stay popped up if worn unbuttoned, it also lays nicely down.
Slender perfectly cut sleeves.
Elegant 6 inch Fitted Mock French cuffs
Nipped in waistline with a generous curve around the hips.
~You will get lots of attention in this Jacket~
.Slender waistline
.Heavy designer coat buttons
.Side pockets
.Thermometer pocket

White SHD12-twill
.Imported twill / 4% spandex
.Machine wash cool and tumble dry Low.
Wear directly from your dryer. Cool iron press for a crisp look.

All postage includes Insurance for full cost of garment.
*Return Policy- I understand sizing is difficult online and I will gladly exchange for a different size, however buyer must pay all return shipping charges, I will refund all initial shipping upon receipt of garment to your account.
Please return item in plastic to keep clean.


All our Jackets are hand cut a and sewn by expert seamstresses


Black with custom satin cuffs

Trizzella The Witch of Woods Cove – a book review

Trizzella The Witch of Woods Cove – by: Sandra Harvey

Trizzella The Witch of Woods Cove is another example of Ms. Harvey’s non conventional, inspired, and creative approach to storytelling.   The main story of the book is told in a wonderful poem that spans over 76 Full color pages to tell that story of one magical moonlit night in Woods Cove.  Some people say rhyming books are easy to write, and this may be true to an extent. Everyone can find a rhyme for Sun right? -Did you just think Fun?  But,  every once and a while an author really comes through with a story that is told in Rhyme with no typical or forced rhymes.  This is  one of those books, the pace is almost hypnotic, there are no extra syllables, there is not a trace of the story being driven in a direction for the sake of keeping the rhyme alive, and their are no typical easy rhymes.  This is just FUN to read, it’s easy to get in the flow and to absorb all the humor, magic, and adventure while rhythmically flowing from page to page.  This book is great when read out loud, and did I mention it is FUN?
Some of the  other aspects of this book worth noting are: The Hand drawn cartoon art  matches the characters and story very well. The entire book is colored in blues, purples, and greens on black paper and is very soothing to look at and also creates a real feeling of night.    While the main story is written in rhyme, the characters also have non rhyming dialog with each other through the use of comic book style captions… What?  … Yeah you read that right! Comic Book style dialog and thought bubbles that tell a story all of their own. And in addition to that there are subtle words hidden in the background on some pages, that are not only fun to look for, but also convey a general message related to the story.  This combination of elements works amazingly well without one ever stepping on the other. This is distinctively a Sandra Harvey creation. How Sandra keeps  pulling out fresh and brilliant ideas I’ll never know.  I am currently trying to get her to sit down with me  for a YouTube interview.

In a way it is also a bedtime book, but it is a bed time book in which the children stay up and play all night, get lost in a scary fog, end up at a mysterious  tower, and actually do not go to sleep until the sun starts to come up.  This is yet another example of Sandra and her deep understanding of children.

 Another aspect of this story I found to be fresh  is through the Characters Annie Blue, and Lily. Through these 2 characters the book briefly  touches on abandonment and loss but manages to keep it light and comforting.
Trizzella has magical powers, she can talk to animals,  and cast spells but to her it is just part of everyday life.  Where Trizzella’s real magic power is, is in her heart and her sweet gentle soul.  She has a magic sewing needle that has the power to mend hearts and sew stars into blankets. Trizzella doesn’t  hesitate to use her magic to help out a hungry caterpillar who arrives at an apple tree before apple season, or to clear a scary fog.  This story has pirates, ghosts, adventure, food, fun, and an devious little kitty cat (with an amazing hat collection) who has decided his purpose in life is to destroy any chance Trizzella has for finding love.
Like every Sandra Harvey Book I’ve reviewed so far, this book is intended for children, but adults will love it too.

Trizzella The Witch of Woods Cove is available here.

There is also a collection of Free Trizzella cartoons available at
This is one of my favorite Ryhmes from the books.
Underneath the bookcase lives her strangest little cat
his room is full of pirate things like skulls, and books, and maps.
his name is Edward Villain.
He eats birds, and rats, and mice.
Trizzella calls him E.Vil because he’s really not that nice.
 He goes on vast adventures in his vivid little dreams
to destroy Trizzella’s chance for love
he plots and plans and schemes.

Wait…What? You mean the world really is in trouble?

Imagine what an alien species would think of a race that wastes it’s 2nd most precious resource for no actual viable purpose.   We do so many things without question. So many of us chose to remain willfully ignorant,  we think : someone else will take care of the big issues.  We think that we can do what ever we want, and not worry about to consequences because there are people in charge of making sure the planet does not blow up… Is that what you think?  you are wrong, we the people will decide the fate of this planet.  The governments and the corporations could care less.
So open your eyes… I know they have been closed for a while and you did not even realize it…OH SHIT!  Yeah, the world has become a fucking scary place.  No No No, don’t run and bury your head in the sand, that won’t make it go away.  It is up to each of us the fix our home.  We can all do just 1 simple thing and there are lots of choices for that 1 simple thing.  There are so many ways to reduce the depth of your footprint,  you don’t have to give up your truck for a bicycle (although you could convert it to run on corn oil).  If  everyone would just make 1 (YES 1)  environmentally friendly change in their household we could start reversing the damage that has been done to this planet.

Don’t care?  you should… If you keep damaging something, anything, eventually it will break.  Current science predictions show an Extinction Level Event by the year 2070.  This event will be man made…If we keep on the path we are on now,  we can stop it, it’s still not to late.   Do you have kids?  2070 might not matter to you,  but it will matter to them, and it will matter to their kids even more.

Do you think about what happens when you turn on your car?  when you turn on a light?  Well when enough people do it, all the time, non stop, year after year what happens is a long complicated and drawn out series of events that creates problems. Because we do not stop and change our wasteful habits these problems need solutions. So those people who are in charge of figuring out how to give us ( the general public ) what we want, end up coming up with the most cost effective solutions they can.  These are often bad solutions like Fracking and Drilling. Now I am no fan of big government or corporate America.  But to blame anyone other then our selves for these problems is irresponsible, to expect others to fix the problem for you is negligent and lazy.


Lets say we live in a world of inexhaustible fuel and resources (which we clearly do not) In such a world what are the effects of the simple above mentioned action of turning on a light switch. Well, On your end alone, just turning on 1 light switch causes a very very very small amount of green house gas to be released into the atmosphere – the light itself is not the culprit, but the energy it cost to turn that light on.  The problem with this?  Well it comes down to natural light from our sun. Light from the sun that normally reflects off of the ocean and back into space gets trapped in the upper atmosphere because of these clouds of green house gasses. So the light from the sun just reflects back down again (even been in a hall of mirrors?)  As this continues to happen earth continues to heat. I could go on and on, but if you do not understand what the green house effect really is (even though we have been hearing about it since the 1970’s),  there are a lot of people that can explain it in much more depth and clarity than myself.  All the information is right here on the World Wide Web.  (Yep there is more stuff here than cheap entertainment.)  Essentially we are cooking ourselves, the earth can’t fix this, the earth does not have a system in place to deal with this while keeping the climate stable. The government can’t fix this.  Someone smarter than you can’t fix this, people paid to fix this – CAN’T FIX THIS!  Only we the collective human species can fix this.

My solution is not to turn out all the lights and live in the dark, it is not to stop driving to work, I acknowledge the energy I am using right now to operate this computer is releasing green house gasses into the environment through a series of events that ultimately add up to the way the power company provides power to my home.


Seems overwhelming doesn’t it?  Seems like Doom is coming and there is just no way to avoid it right? Well nothing could be further from the truth.  If everyone just made 1 minor change, things would start to come back into balance.  We can burn coal, we can burn fuel, and we can do it in a safe amount for the environment.  The problem is we are way way way past the safe bar right now.



Lets start with something simple, and fun, that will actually save you money, and increase your own happiness while at the same time help out the earth. This picture is a perfect example of someone living in a Suburban bedroom community that is making a difference…These people know “Lawns are dumb” and are doing something positive with their front yard.

LAWNS! 30 gallons of water per day is what the yearly average amount of water is used to keep your grass green.

If you Plant a garden, you will use less water to water it than you would grass,  You will have more Water retention, you will attract bees and butterflies, and birds (without which human numbers would start to drop very quickly). You will reduce the need for over farming and the destruction of top soil. You will be eating healthy fruits and veggies and not ones covered in poison. You will save 100s of dollars every month on produce.  Did I mentioned Gardens are great therapy? Plants also help to filter the air, hey who doesn’t want cleaner air?  If you are one of the few people who uses their lawn for recreation,  chances are there is a nice park not far from your house, you can walk to it and get some exercise, at a park you can meet new people, and have some time away from the house with your family.

I am not seeing a downside yet…

Plants and trees also create Oxygen (our first most precious resource)


You can have a green grass lawn…..


So maybe you do not want to garden, or it is to much “Work” or… Or … OR…. whatever.  Keep your green lawn, there are hundreds of other things you can do at your home everyday to help save this planet.  Here is a list.

Most likely aliens have already visited us, and what did they find?  ” No INTELLIGENT Life to be found”

Live long and prosper  \\ //


dsc01038  TLoeGardenJune2013wm  urbanselfbeforeurbanselfafter

Exposure for my art and free drinks does not feed my children

—Update my add was deleted from Craigslist because of its content only 8 hours after it was posted,  In those 8 hours I got 2 somewhat well written non offensive responses,  1 telling telling me how Evil of a person I am, and about 5 telling me to “F-Off” I posted the 2  that I feel are appropriate for all readers in my Comments section.

8 Hours and it was deleted…yet dozen of adds asking for free art and music still exist.—  The link below no longer works but I wanted to preserve the original post so below this screenshot of the original add, is the original post I made on WordPress earlier today.


Does this add seem ridiculous to you?  Now read it again but reverse the position and services of the 2 main parties involved in this add. Does it seem as ridiculous?

(in the event the add is deleted and the link stops functioning, I have posted a screen shot of the add on the bottom of this post)

My CL add will run for 30 days. With several other adds in different places in an attempt to raise awareness for the value of art, music, and literature. You should not have to be Dead, Katy Perry, or on the  New York Times best seller list to make a living as an artist.

Exposure for my art and free drinks does not feed my children

I will post the unedited replies to this add as they come in in the Comments section as myself, for as long as the add is active.

It is very common to see adds just like these almost anyplace in the country, and somehow people are conditioned to think this is acceptable.


A great opportunity for artists!
We need a talented artist with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign skills.  We require a Logo for our sign and front end apparel. We also need a 4 page menu and wine list.  This is an open competition to all artists interested, we will use the best work submitted.

Compensation: Great exposure, eat for free.

Live musicians needed

Looking for talented local band to play 15 song set list.  We will require you to perform at 8 pm and again at 11 pm.  If interested please contact me to set up an audition.

Compensation: Get exposure for your band!  Sell your CD’s before and after your performance.  Did we mention?   Free Drinks!




Once you go cold, you’ll never go hot again :: a simple guide to brewing cold coffee at home with things you already have in your kitchen.

Cold brewed coffee tastes so much better then traditional brewing.  It’s much less acidic then traditional brewing, and it also gives the coffee a naturally sweet taste.

I myself do not think  a drink with whip cream and caramel syrup from the local “Sixbucks” coffee house is really Coffee.  To me a good cup of coffee is made from organic freshly picked North Carolina beans, no sugar or cream added,  just rich dark flavorful coffee.  Even if you are a sugar / milk person.  You may just find you don’t need it when you start cold brewing.

Here is a very simple way you can Cold Brew coffee with items you probably already have in your own kitchen.

The photos speak for themselves,  but very briefly described.

Things you’ll need

1) re-usable basket style coffee filter with a handle

2) Grounds from your favorite coffee beans

3)  Pitcher

4) Long wooden, or plastic spoon.

Cold Brewing

Fill your coffee basket with the same ratio of coffee grounds you use when hot brewing. Use your long spoon to suspend the basket so that it hangs inside the pitcher.  Now slowly fill the pitcher with filtered water , let the water run over the coffee grounds to get them all saturated.  Stop the water flow just below the coffee grounds level in the basket.  Put the pitcher in the refrigerator. Now the hard part.  Wait at least 12 hours,  preferably 24.  Remove the pitcher from the fridge, lift the spoon straight up and off the top of the pitcher. Be careful that the filter slide off on it’s own – ask me how I know… Now slide the coffee basket off the end of the spoon and dispose of the coffee grounds ( I like to use mine in my compost).  Now get ready to have the best cup of coffee you have ever had.