Wait…What? You mean the world really is in trouble?

Imagine what an alien species would think of a race that wastes it’s 2nd most precious resource for no actual viable purpose.   We do so many things without question. So many of us chose to remain willfully ignorant,  we think : someone else will take care of the big issues.  We think that we can do what ever we want, and not worry about to consequences because there are people in charge of making sure the planet does not blow up… Is that what you think?  you are wrong, we the people will decide the fate of this planet.  The governments and the corporations could care less.
So open your eyes… I know they have been closed for a while and you did not even realize it…OH SHIT!  Yeah, the world has become a fucking scary place.  No No No, don’t run and bury your head in the sand, that won’t make it go away.  It is up to each of us the fix our home.  We can all do just 1 simple thing and there are lots of choices for that 1 simple thing.  There are so many ways to reduce the depth of your footprint,  you don’t have to give up your truck for a bicycle (although you could convert it to run on corn oil).  If  everyone would just make 1 (YES 1)  environmentally friendly change in their household we could start reversing the damage that has been done to this planet.

Don’t care?  you should… If you keep damaging something, anything, eventually it will break.  Current science predictions show an Extinction Level Event by the year 2070.  This event will be man made…If we keep on the path we are on now,  we can stop it, it’s still not to late.   Do you have kids?  2070 might not matter to you,  but it will matter to them, and it will matter to their kids even more.

Do you think about what happens when you turn on your car?  when you turn on a light?  Well when enough people do it, all the time, non stop, year after year what happens is a long complicated and drawn out series of events that creates problems. Because we do not stop and change our wasteful habits these problems need solutions. So those people who are in charge of figuring out how to give us ( the general public ) what we want, end up coming up with the most cost effective solutions they can.  These are often bad solutions like Fracking and Drilling. Now I am no fan of big government or corporate America.  But to blame anyone other then our selves for these problems is irresponsible, to expect others to fix the problem for you is negligent and lazy.


Lets say we live in a world of inexhaustible fuel and resources (which we clearly do not) In such a world what are the effects of the simple above mentioned action of turning on a light switch. Well, On your end alone, just turning on 1 light switch causes a very very very small amount of green house gas to be released into the atmosphere – the light itself is not the culprit, but the energy it cost to turn that light on.  The problem with this?  Well it comes down to natural light from our sun. Light from the sun that normally reflects off of the ocean and back into space gets trapped in the upper atmosphere because of these clouds of green house gasses. So the light from the sun just reflects back down again (even been in a hall of mirrors?)  As this continues to happen earth continues to heat. I could go on and on, but if you do not understand what the green house effect really is (even though we have been hearing about it since the 1970’s),  there are a lot of people that can explain it in much more depth and clarity than myself.  All the information is right here on the World Wide Web.  (Yep there is more stuff here than cheap entertainment.)  Essentially we are cooking ourselves, the earth can’t fix this, the earth does not have a system in place to deal with this while keeping the climate stable. The government can’t fix this.  Someone smarter than you can’t fix this, people paid to fix this – CAN’T FIX THIS!  Only we the collective human species can fix this.

My solution is not to turn out all the lights and live in the dark, it is not to stop driving to work, I acknowledge the energy I am using right now to operate this computer is releasing green house gasses into the environment through a series of events that ultimately add up to the way the power company provides power to my home.


Seems overwhelming doesn’t it?  Seems like Doom is coming and there is just no way to avoid it right? Well nothing could be further from the truth.  If everyone just made 1 minor change, things would start to come back into balance.  We can burn coal, we can burn fuel, and we can do it in a safe amount for the environment.  The problem is we are way way way past the safe bar right now.



Lets start with something simple, and fun, that will actually save you money, and increase your own happiness while at the same time help out the earth. This picture is a perfect example of someone living in a Suburban bedroom community that is making a difference…These people know “Lawns are dumb” and are doing something positive with their front yard.

LAWNS! 30 gallons of water per day is what the yearly average amount of water is used to keep your grass green.

If you Plant a garden, you will use less water to water it than you would grass,  You will have more Water retention, you will attract bees and butterflies, and birds (without which human numbers would start to drop very quickly). You will reduce the need for over farming and the destruction of top soil. You will be eating healthy fruits and veggies and not ones covered in poison. You will save 100s of dollars every month on produce.  Did I mentioned Gardens are great therapy? Plants also help to filter the air, hey who doesn’t want cleaner air?  If you are one of the few people who uses their lawn for recreation,  chances are there is a nice park not far from your house, you can walk to it and get some exercise, at a park you can meet new people, and have some time away from the house with your family.

I am not seeing a downside yet…

Plants and trees also create Oxygen (our first most precious resource)


You can have a green grass lawn…..


So maybe you do not want to garden, or it is to much “Work” or… Or … OR…. whatever.  Keep your green lawn, there are hundreds of other things you can do at your home everyday to help save this planet.  Here is a list.  http://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/green-science/save-earth-top-ten.htm

Most likely aliens have already visited us, and what did they find?  ” No INTELLIGENT Life to be found”

Live long and prosper  \\ //


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