Fukushima now

Today I found myself reading a debate on an environmental forum between  two people with very different opinions regarding the effects of Fukishima on the Pacific Ocean. I noticed the further I got into the debate the more vile and toxic both individuals become.  I do not know either of these people, but given the nature of the site, and the time invested in the debate from both sides, I would wager a guess that these are probably two somewhat  intelligent and  well intentioned humans. The debate was essentially reduced to  juvenile name calling towards the end.

Reading this conversation inspired me to write this.

The real truth is probably some place in the middle. Humans often
take a side and then go as far to the extreme with that side as
possible, while being willfully ignorant of any new information that
might be available, and being unwilling to conceive that someone else
may have a better perspective , or consider new data that may become
available. Extremism of any kind is the birthplace of ignorance.

Our country , and the rest of the world has always been lead by extremists, people unwilling to cooperate or see the perspective or point of view of anyone else. Vote
Republican or Vote Democrat, there is no in-between in the American government.
This trickles down to the citizens and every day people and plays on
our human nature to take sides. So rather than think for ourselves and
try and stay objective we find the side that makes the most sense to us
at the time and move further and further away from rational thinking.
Often lashing out, and calling people who think differently names, and
devaluing them as humans.

To be fair, Fukushima is one of the biggest, if not the biggest
nuclear disasters in history, and to say it will have no effect on
human beings is absurd. That is impossible, there is no safe level
of radiation for humans. Radioactive material attacks human beings on a
DNA level, and while our human immune systems are extremely effective at
repairing DNA and dealing with free radicals, as well as other elements
that are destructive to human health every single day. Eventually our immune system can only take so much abuse and starts to break down. Why would anyone disregard this, and believe that there is no health threat from this radiation?

Can a person really dismiss the sea life illness in the pacific, the disappearance of sea birds,
oyster beds, tuna? All of which has become increasingly worse ever
since this meltdown happened as a mere coincidence? What about the
disintegration of Star Fish and the increasing number of sea life
mutations and abandon sea lion pups? What of the account of the recent
voyage of life long Australian Sailor Ivan Macfadyen? does none of
this count, is this so easy to dismiss because someone is telling you
the levels are safe?


is continuing to leak to this day, and depending on the way the pacific
current moves and distributes this radiation, we could very well end up
with an area in the pacific that is very much like the Pacific garbage
patch, but with massive concentrations of radiation instead of plastic
particles. It would also be safe to say that there is a chance that if
the radiation is just now hitting the west coast, and people are calling
it safe. That in the next 2 years the amount of concentrated radiation
on the pacific coast could have significantly increased even when
figuring half life into the picture.

The half life information that has been released is actually accurate from the best I can make of
it, but this is not the entire story. Caesium-137 will take roughly 30
years to have it’s effect diminished in half. Iodine-131, cesium-134 are
just a few that have been reported escaping, and regardless of half
life these can all remain in the environment for decades.

is what we keep hearing about, of course it is…because it is the one with the
shortest half-life, being that of only two years. This should still not
be taken lightly. Because if enough of this material gathers in a
single dense area even 20 years down the road is could be extremely
harmful. I want to reiterate here: Most of the reports from the main
stream media are only testing for this, and this alone.

It is also humorous to me that so called ocean experts makes claims to reassure
us by telling us that the ocean will naturally dilute all this material
over the entire mass of the ocean making the entire ocean perfectly safe. There is no way any man, women, scientist, or expert for that matter can make this claim. You can not predict what the earth will do.

I would also like the point out that people say getting in the ocean is like
being exposed to a dental xray so it’s no big deal. Well fist off, when
I go to the dentist once a year I get a lead apron placed over we while
the person taking the xrays is in another room. Do I get a lead apron
when I go in the ocean? I am sure even without a lead apron I would not
get sick from a once a year exposure to a dental xray. The real problem
when it comes to human health is usually that of chronic exposure. Regarding Fukushima radiation, we
are only being told the facts from the Acute perspective. No one knows
the effects of sitting in a dental chair for 2 hours every day with no
lead apron, because we do not test that way. Just as no one can truly know what the effects of Fukushima will mean to us now, and far into the future.

Being exposed to small amounts of radiation for a long period of time will of course have an
effect on a human being. Just like people can have extremely serious
health effects, and in some cases even die from breathing Stachybotrys
mold spores over a period of years.

Now to be fair on the other side of this argument. I can not stand these doom day extremists, and
fear mongers that are so unfulfilled by their own lives that the only
thing they can do with it, is to try and make other people fearful and
miserable too. Humans have been destroying the planet since we learned
how to use tools, and long before the invention of nuclear power, so
this really is nothing new. I believe it is fair to say that most of
this destruction is driven by greed but what is truly unfortunate is
humans have to take something as far down the dark path as possible
before they make a change that should have been made decades earlier.
The problem with this is, sometimes there is no coming back from the
dark path.

I do not believe our national government , or our  state leaders, or the media ever tell the public the 100 percent truth. This is partially because they probably do not have the full truth
themselves, and partially because they want to keep civil order. I also
do not believe people in power and wealth truly have the best interests
of anyone other than themselves and their friends and family in mind.
We the people of the planet earth are such a force to be reckoned with
if united, but we let issues just like this one divide us, spending
all our time arguing with each other and pointing fingers rather than
working together for a better tomorrow. We humans want to have our
electricity, our water parks, and our fast food but we never want to get
our hands dirty, or take any responsibility for our roles in consuming
the massive amounts of everything we consume that ultimately cause this
type of destruction. We want our hamburger, we want our
electricity, we want our technology, but what we don’t want to know is
where the pile of guts, nuclear waste, and clear cut forest bi-products
of this unquenchable human consumption are hidden. So before you blame
Japan, or Obama, or Ted Turner for all the things wrong in the world
today. Perhaps we should all take a real look in the mirror.