Chef Pants and Coat for Women – wear something the boys can’t


A simple way that you probably never thought of to Reduce your risk of Heart problems, cancer, and stroke.

Want to reduced your chance of heart attack , cancer, and stroke by a very significant percentage?  As a regular blood donor for the last 7 years, I am still amazed when I speak to the phlebotomists at the red cross when they tell me how few people actually donate. Maybe people do not donate because the lives you would be saving are faceless and anonymous. Maybe because it hurts a little, or maybe because you think you just don’t have time.  If a sick girl came up to you on the street and asked you to donate blood to her to save her life, I am willing to bet there are very very few people that would not.  But if you need a more personal reason to donate other than helping to save lives.  Read this article.  Because a needle prick and  few hours out of your day every 2 months is a lot less painful, and a lot less time consuming than the amount of time and pain a lot of the diseases that donating blood directly works to combat.

Sometimes even the strongest people need a little help. Help Save Duke #SaveDuke

I created this campaign for my father : Richard Winterhalter, in hopes to help save the life of his best friend Duke.

Let me tell you a little about my father. He was born in the New York countryside and the oldest of 8 siblings. By the age of 14 he was already working after school in the families machine shop. After completing high school at the age of 17 he enlisted in the US army and served for 4 years.


He met my mother and they moved out to CA where my father completed his masters degree in Business and Computers from Sacramento State University. He and my mother raised me and my sister in Northern Ca on ranch in the country. This meant my Dad had to drive an hour to work each day, but he and my mother wanted to raise my sister and I in the country , in peace, with lots of animals and adventures. My sister and I still talk about how great our childhoods were to this day.I have never known my father to ever once ask anyone for anything, I have never known him to not have a job, I have never heard him make an excuse. I have only witness my father getting up every day, and working hard for the people he loves. My father who is now in his 70’s still goes to work everyday. Through the years I have watched my Dad give away a good portion of his money to those in need. To help someone put a new roof on their home, to help someone with a medical bill, to help someone with a down payment on a house, to help someone get their teeth fixed, to send a young boy to UCLA. He has always been very generous and kind to everyone he meets ; not just his family, but everyone.The last 12 years of my Dads life has mainly been just him and his dog Duke. My mother is no longer alive,  and he has already lost one of his other dogs, my sister and I live on the other side of the country and do not often get a chance to visit.

So who is Duke? well…Duke is my fathers best friend – a 12 year old golden retriever that has been  through a lot with my Dad in the last 12 years.

Duke was recently diagnosed with bone cancer. There is a treatment, but it is expensive, and the years of my father’s generous and giving nature has left him in need of assistance to Help Save Duke. My sister and I are assisting as much as we can, but as I said these treatments are not cheap, and my father has to drive 2 hours each direction to and from Cornell New York a few times a week.

Dukes first treatment begins this week, to continue these treatments I am humbly turning to group funding and asking you to help save the life of my Fathers best friend. Thank You.

I will post regular updates on Dukes Progress here as well as on facebook, google, and twitter. My Father, our family, and most of all Duke  thanks you for even the smallest contribution.  If you can’t contribute please share… Thank You.


The Anti-Hipster Hipster Movement… Yeah it’s a thing.

The most feared of all Hipsters is  the growing number of anti-hipster Hipsters. Much like Hipsters Their entire life is carefully designed from the car they drive, to the clothes they wear, to the music, and movies they claim to enjoy. But while a traditional Hipster may actually enjoy these things, and get pleasure out of drinking a hand crafted 8 dollar beer. The Anti-Hipster Hipster often operates out of a place of negativity, and irritation with others happiness as well as pop culture trends.


Often anti-hipster Hipsters who are so consumed with non conformity, might actually force themselves to not enjoy something they actually enjoy,  if it is in conflict with their anti-Hipster life style. You can often spot an anti hipster Hipster drinking a Pabst Blue Ribbon at the local ghetto bar, moving into really bad neighborhoods, and drinking out of Mason Jars for no real reason.  They also love to slam Hipsters and make comments about fedora hats being lame, and how electric cars pollute just as much as a 1972 Pontiac do the coal consumption required to recharge the battery.   Be warned, the anti hipster Hipster has but 1 purpose, to do everything the exact opposite of current Hipster culture. Some take it even further by doing the exact opposite of everything and everyone around them. Often offering the exact opposite opinion and making a point to counter point everything everyone says , even other anti-hipster  Hipsters.  Be warned the anti-hipster Hipster is real, you should avoid them at all cost as they have a way of sucking the fun and joy out of everyone and everything around them. I mean come on,  who can honestly say they don’t like Harry Potter?    ~Cartoon Coming Soon  Enjoy your day.

Freedom for Raju :: A Tribute to Wildlife SOS of London :: Keep fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves.

Thank you Wildlife SOS of London. Your actions of kindness and vigilance show us the best in Humanity.

For every story of human cruelty there is a story of human compassion and love. Let those of us that believe in the good and evolution of humanity always try and focus on what humans are capable when they are at their very best. We need not focus on the Monstrosity of humanity.


Education is key to cultures that simply do not understand that animals have feelings, they have hearts, and dreams, and souls. Animals form deep bonds of friendship with humans and with other animals. Animals have just as much right to living a meaningful existence in this world as Humans do. I honestly believe the world can only change for the better when people start putting focus on good things. The saying “You can bomb the world to pieces, but you can’t bomb the world to peace” comes to mind.

Some of us are still a savage race that kills each other, we kills animals for sport, and we torture them for our amusement, and our consumption. While others do not even identify with these “Humans” as members of the same species. I believe someday in the not so distant future, a child will learn of this chapter in human history and it will be as foreign to humans of that child’s time. As burning people alive because they are suspected witches is to us in our time.

Here is to a better version of Humanity!

Who we are, and why we do it. A Tribute to Self Publishers.


(Transcribed from image)

Most of us do not Write or Draw to get rich.
We write and rewrite draw and redraw.
We question everything we do.
We persevere through all the hours,
frustrations, and hard work.
We know from the start our chances of getting an Agent or
being backed by one of this big Publishing Houses is
a long shot. While it is true we would all love
to able to make a living doing this.
Money is not what drives us.

Regardless of the thousands
of unpaid hours it takes us
to create our worlds. We keep working,
and we do this because it means something to us,
and even more we hope that it will somehow mean something
to someone else. We want to share our hopes
our dreams, our fears, our adventures,
and our hearts with everyone we can.
With hopes to inspire, to entertain,
to scare, or to touch someones heart, just from a page.

This is why I draw Trizzella. This is why I will continue to
work on projects and support projects I believe in.

Self Publishing opens the world to our creations
and our visions, unedited, and as we the creators see them.


Just 10 days after  Trizzella’s Bedtime Picture Book
was published through Createspace. The sales
started coming in. As shocked as I was to see sales
this quickly.   I realized that the sales did not matter
as much to me as I thought they would.   
It was the families, the children, and the readers 
that took the time to send us personal emails,
pictures, and thank you notes.

Now it is my turn to say THANK YOU.
THANK YOU so much to all our readers.
THANK YOU to Createspace and all
Indie Publishing Platforms.
THANK YOU to all the amazing writers, and artists
that create the books and comic books,
We love to read that enrich our everday lives. 
More Trizzella is on the way.


“Claiming Self Published literary work is subpar
is like claiming everything traditionally published is a best seller”.

-Aaron Winterhalter

Asheville, North Carolina.

Some Awesome Things about Asheville North Carolina that just occurred to me while I was working on my garden.

Asheville - Downtown at dusk

Asheville – Downtown at dusk

-Growing your own food, and having a garden is just completely normal.  People don’t do it because it’s trendy,  it’s just the way things are.  Most likely your garden is big enough to feed more then your family, and you are probably trading your tomatoes with your neighbors peppers.

-You actually know the names of your neighbors and they know your names,  as well as those of your pets. They bring home your dog when he gets out and with a smile ,  and you have a pleasant conversation about how muggy the summer is over a glass sweet ice tea.

-Cage free, and farm raised with love in open air, and green pastures is just normal.  It’s not a catch phrase,  and it does not cost more money. 

-Even if you are a city dweller you probably have Chickens in your backyard and no one even thinks twice about it.

-People seem to be in no hurry to go any place fast, When someone asks you how your day is, they are probably genuinely interested in the answer. 

-Shopping carts are called buggies, when referring to a group of people you say “ya’ll” and going for a swim is called “taking a dip”

– A beat up rusty old 1960’s dodge pick up truck turns way more heads then a Ferrari.  And the people who do look at the Ferrari generally say just 1 thing ” Must be from out of town”

-Everyone has a dog, everyone takes their dog with them every place they go, and dogs are allowed in almost every store in the area including the local mall.

-What are breast implants and collagen injections? the women here are naturally beautiful, and we wouldn’t want them any other way.

-People keep saying that bees are dying all around the country, yet when I look out my window I can see at least 100

-when a product says local on it,  most likely a  farmer or a hunter brought it in just before the store opened, and it came from within 20 miles.

-Overalls are the new black.

-Almost Everyone is “just gettin’ by” do to a complete lack of infrastructure for just about any viable revenue generating business model,  but people here make up for it by sticking together, helping each other out, and having amazing parties where everyone is invited.

-What do you you mean you don’t make your own moonshine and beer?

-During the summer their is a massive festival just about every weekend , I suspect this is to create warm memories to help  get through another long cold winter.

-People who eat pork and believe in God can often be found at one of Asheville’s fine eateries having a pleasant lunch with an Agnostic Vegan and no one is judging the other.

-People are more likely to build a special wood pile for the giant spiders that invade their home to live in rather then step on them.

– People are very musical here , Almost everyone plays something and play it well. Even if its an old washboard with a spoon.

-Almost everyone looks at least 10 years younger then they actually are

-If you don’t want to shave, you damn well don’t have to! (this goes for both Men and Women)
-People build fences to keep their animals in, not to keep their neighbors out.

Gene Roddenberry had it right.

It hurts my head and injures my heart when I contemplate what the tiny percentage of the people that have power and money actually do with that power and money. It’s certainly not a jelousey issue for me, as it would not bother be much at all if the majority of these people were not either self serving, war mongering, or significantly lacking in moral fiber.

Life in the world for most people (the 99.98% the make up the rest of us) is very different. I think a vast majority of people really care about issues and think about things like war, clean energy, and toxic chemicals. Unfortunately most of us do not have the power, influence, or finances to implement our ideas for a better world. In this day and age, Power, Influence, and Money are the things needed to shape the world, but the people who want to shape that better world do not have these things. So many of them want more then just better things for themselves. They want a better planet, they want a better life for their kids, they want fluoride free drinking water. While These everyday people work full time jobs and sometimes a part time job too, they make in a year what a CEO spends on a weekend excursion. These people still rescue animals, and volunteer, and find time to organize protests. All with the desperate hope that someone is listening, and with the drive and intention to try to make the world a better place. Eventually a good deal of these people just give up.

Now in the minority (.02%) their are those with extreme wealth, influence, and power. That group is made up mostly of people who could care less about anything other then the acquisition of more money and more power. Just one example of this. The people that run Bayer and similar companies could easily stop making and using the chemicals that are killing off the bee population. It really could be that easy. Sure they would take a financial hit, but it would only effect people at the very top, who already have more money then they can spend anyway. And it would be a short term financial hit at that. So how is it that a multi millionaire CEO is not willing to stop making a product that is destroying nature when they will still have their millions in the bank? This person is essentially saying, I don’t care about the rest of the human beings on this planet if it means its going to cost me money that I already have an abundance of.

Have you noticed lately everything that is bad for your mind and body is really cheap? it’s a form of suppression by those in power. With the amount of Technology, junk food, and entertainment we have cheap and easy access too comfort is making the human species lazy, it’s keeping us complacent and stagnant. These wonders of technology are removing us from being connected to our own Humanity and the world around us. We eat our fast food, take our prescriptions, and gaze mindlessly at our phones all while the world is heading in a direction that very soon needs to be drastically altered.

I would love to see a Gene Roddenberry future for humanity. A future where currency does not exist, where humans work for a better tomorrow. Where crime is eliminated because the desperation to acquire wealth no longer exists, and science and medicine have been able to focus on recognizing and repairing mental illness.

When The acquisition of money is replaced by self exploration and working together to create a better world, to cure disease, and strengthen the human species. The “Race” will be over, and everyone of us that make up the Human Race will have finished in first place, with no one left behind.

From Star Trek TNG Season 6: Ep 1
While Mark Twain gets brought into the future he talks about not being able to smoke real cigars, among other things. This is one of my all time favorite dialogs between 2 characters among all of the Star Trek movies, and shows.
Mark Twain in the Enterprise
Deanna Troi: “Poverty was eliminated on earth a long time ago, and a lot of other things disappeared with it. – Hopelessness, despair , cruelty”…
Mark Twain: “Young lady I come from a time when men achieve power and wealth by standing on the back of the poor. Where prejudice and intolerance are commonplace and power is an end unto itself, and you’re telling me that isn’t how it is anymore?”
Deanna Troi: “That’s right”.
Mark Twain: “Hmm…Maybe…it’s worth giving up cigars for after all”

So I’ll wrap this up with the realization that I still have a huge school boy crush on Deanna Troi and wish you all to live long and prosper

So that’s how to use wordpress!

I want to apologize for not organizing my thoughts into separate blogs.  I have now set up separate blogs. One where I will write about my work on Trizzella and share illustrations and projects.  I also now  have a blog dedicated just to picture books.  I would like to be able to manage 2 more regarding literature.  I think a Comic Book / Graphic Novel blog would be a lot of fun, and I would also like to have a blog about writers and novels.  But for now I think I can probably just barely manage this one. 


From today forward this blog will be more of an open journal, I invite all readers to share my thoughts with me,  I am often inspired by so many of the people I read. So I hope maybe I can do the same for someone else.  I  also resolve to start following people and leaving comments.   


I do not want the point of this blog to ever come off as negative, there is to much of that in the world already.  I can not promise everything I write will be Moonbeams and kittens.  However, when I do discuss sensitive or depressing subjects I will always do my best to try and balance those heavy subjects with a path to a positive outcome.